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Light, electron & more


Element analysis, spectroscopy & more


Viscosity, molecular weight & more

Thermal properties

DSC, DTA, TGA & more

Heating & Cooling

Ovens, cryostats & more

Mechanical Testing

Tensile, fatigue, shear, creep

Workshops & Infrastructure

Spaces & clusters

Modelling Software

Software tools

Metals Processing

Welding, milling, folding, pressing

Physical Properties

Magnetism, dielectrics, mass & more

Polymer Processing

Pressing, extruding, forming, folding

Concrete Processing

Testing & processing

Surface Technology

Implanter, indenter & more


Aging & climate control


Corrosion, batteries & more

Structure determination

Generation of structure models that can be used in refinement procedures.

Data Acquisition & Analysis

Hardware & software

Non Destructive Testing

Ultrasonic echo, adsorption & more

IC Technology

IC Technology