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Powder Diffraction Indexing

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General Information


Powder Diffraction Indexing


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Key words:

data enhancement self-calibration detection correction peak

Main application:

Spacegroup determination of unknown crystal structures. Peak indexing of powder patterns.

Instrument specification

Tool: Crysfire (sequel to Crys2run)
Description: Crysfire is a simple script-based system for making existing indexing facilities more accessible to non-specialists, that runs with minimal demands under MSDOS or Windows. The CRYSFIRE program forms an interactive front end and offers data enhancement facilities such as self-calibration for detecting and correcting 2theta-zero errors.
Platform: Windows and DOS

Obtain Crysfire here
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Additional info on CCP14

Tool: PowderX
Description: PowderX for Windows is a Graphical Powder Diffraction Analysis program which includes; specimen dispacement, aberration correction, background stripping, alpha-2 stripping, smoothing, peak offset determination, peak find.
Platform: Windows

Obtain PowderX here
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Additional info on CCP14