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Formstudy Lab

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Contact details

Loning, Astra
Architecture (BK), Form and Modelling Studies
Julianalaan 134, 2628 CR Delft
Tel : +31 (0)15 - 2784683
E-mail : A.Loning@tudelft.nl
Website : Open website

General Information


Formstudy Lab


Formstudy laboratory, Zuid-Serre, Faculty of Architecture, Julianalaan 134, Delft (building #8)

Key words:

woodwork, metalwork, model, milling, lathe, 3D

Main application:

Workshop space with a wide variety of machines, including two CNC milling machines, laser cutters and a 3D printer. This lab is very suited for creating 3D models.

Instrument specification

Among the instruments are:

CNC Milling machines

Laser cutters

3D printer

Vacuum former

Contact Martijn Stellingwerff for additional information on the present instruments.