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Radiation counter

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Contact details

Van Doorn, H.J.
Applied Sciences (TNW), Reactor Instituut Delft - SBD
Mekelweg 15, 2629JB Delft
Tel : +31 (0)15 27 81838
E-mail : H.J.vanDoorn@tudelft.nl
Website : Open website

General Information


Radiation counter


Room 0.00.172, Reactor Institute Delft, Mekelweg 15, Delft (building #50)

Key words:

radioactive, nuclear, geiger, counter, radiation

Main application:

Measurement of the level of radiation for a sample.

Instrument specification

Nuclear Chicago (2x)

Low background counter

Suited for detection of very small amount of radiation in a sample. The sample has to fit in a circular holder with a 5 cm diameter and approximately 1 cm in height. The machine is fully computer controlled.