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Qwin image analysis software

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Contact details

Van Asperen, Sander
Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE), MSE
Mekelweg 2, 2628CD Delft
Tel : 015 2782189
E-mail : s.vanasperen-1@tudelft.nl
Website : Not available

General Information


Qwin image analysis software


Microstructural Control in Metals, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Room 3B-0-42, Mekelweg 2, Delft (building #34)

Key words:

analysis software, leica, quantitative microscopy

Main application:

Leica QWin is a highly versatile image analysis and processing solution for quantitative microscopy which provides complete control of Leica microscopes, macroscopes and Leica digital cameras.

Instrument specification

Leica Qwin

The system is attached to a Jenavert Microscope with a stage control.