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Polarisation and Fluorescence Microscope a.o

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Contact details

Thijssen, Arjan
Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CiTG), M&E
Stevinweg 1, 2628CN Delft
Tel : 015 2784973
E-mail : A.Thijssen@tudelft.nl
Website : Not available

General Information


Polarisation and Fluorescence Microscope a.o


Microlab, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Stevinweg 1, Delft (building #23)

Key words:

micro-crack, thin-sections, characterisation, Microstructure, petrographic, fluorescence, measurements

Measured quantity:


Main application:

Petrographic analysis of structure phenomena and materials by macroscopic and microscopic investigations to describe the composition, its origin and the durability of thin section samples.

Instrument specification


Light techniques: Incident and transmitted light

Magnification: 25x to 600x

Series of objectives (type Leitz DM-RXP)

Transmitted light source: 12V, 100W