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Optical Microscope

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Contact details

Oostrum, Frans
Aerospace Engineering (LR), Delft Aerospace Structures & Materials Laboratory
Kluyverweg 1, 2629HS Delft
Tel : +31 (0)15 27 86700
E-mail : F.G.C.Oostrum@tudelft.nl
Website : Open website

General Information


Optical Microscope


Experimental hall, FAM lab, Faculty of Aerospace, Kluyverweg 1, Delft (building #41)

Key words:

hot-stage (Linkam IMS 94), polarized, reflected, transmitted, classic surface characterization

Main application:

Surface characterization at the micrometer scale and at the milimeter scale of metals and polymers

Instrument specification

Instrument type:
DMLM Q550IN + CCD camera DG 300 (Leica)

series of objectives up to 1500 x in total (3000 x)

Light techniques:
transmitted and reflected (bright-field and dark-field modes)

Transmitted light source:
halogen 12 V, 100 W

Incident light sources:
halogen 12 V, 100 W; Hg 50, Hg 100; Xe 75

available, temperature up to 1750 degrees C

Field of view index
20, 22, and 25

Image processing capabilities:
image processing software is available

Image acquisition:
available through external DG 300 CCD camera