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Virtual Materials Lab Facilities

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Contact details

Thijsse, Barend Prof. dr.
Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE), Materials Science & Engineering , Section Structure & Change (room 218)
Mekelweg 2, 2628 CD Delft
Tel : +31 (0)15 27 82221
E-mail : B.J.Thijsse@tudelft.nl
Website : Open website

General Information


Virtual Materials Lab Facilities


Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, Mekelweg 2, Delft (building #34)

Key words:

parallel computations, vizualization, Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics, Ab initio modeling

Main application:

Ab initio: all materials. Classical: Metals, semiconductors. Oxides under development.

Instrument specification

Computer cluster for atomic-scale materials modeling.

Apple G5 dual-processor machines (2.5 MHz) running Mac OS X. Currently 32 nodes.

The computer cluster is not a service facility but a joint-project facility. Exceptions are possible.